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Keil Construction specializes in renovating and preserving historic homes, solving problems with creative design solutions in the Capitol Hill area of Washington, DC.

Our Services

We address the entire home: renovations, repurposing space, additions, garages, and hardscapes, as well as creating or restoring custom pieces.


Our MISSION at Keil Construction is to create new beauty in Capitol Hill homes while preserving and honoring the original aesthetic when possible. We accomplish this by advising homeowners on design & approach, then renovating and preserving or reusing historic elements with skilled craftsmanship and more than 25 years of experience.



Thank you for bringing out the historical charm that was hidden in our basement. We are glad we went with Keil Construction!”

— Morell Family, Basement Remodel

We are so pleased with the work Keil Construction did for us on our recent renovation, and we are thoroughly enjoying the results. Jeff Keil’s crew converted a kitchen/half-bath/laundry space into a beautiful kitchen, renovated a bathroom, built stairs that reconnected our basement (that they renovated) to the main part of the house, moved our laundry, and more. Keil’s crew was incredibly responsive to our needs and concerns, and worked with us to ensure the results aligned with our vision for the space.

— Krantz-Kent, Kitchen & Basement Remodel

We hired Keil Construction to build a 1400 sq. ft, two-story carriage house in the rear of our historic property on Capitol Hill. This was a major project that would not have been possible without the expertise of Jeff Keil and his team. All of the work they provided was high-quality, super-efficient and economical. Keil Const. is able to provide an unmatchable commitment to the artistic and historic character of our neighborhood. Our project required the partial removal of a beautiful, old limestone wall. Keil Const. saved every one of the stones and incorporated them into the foundation of the new building and landscaping, providing an ambiance to the project that no totally new-material project could ever achieve. The Keil Construction team is 100% top-notch. We highly recommend them for any project.

— J. Valentine, Carriage House Build

We engaged Keil Construction to develop our basement crawl space into usable living space. This was a very challenging job considering the low ceilings, duct work from our AC machines, and the lack of window openings. After a lot of hard work, Keil Construction underpinned the entire perimeter and excavated, and the results are exceptional. Mr. Keil met with us regularly, and he was always able to come up with a clever solution for any problem that came up. We have a beautiful bedroom, bathroom now and a very sunny family room that includes a wet bar. We added a whole third level to our home, and I know It has increased the value of our home tenfold.

— Reed, Basement Addition & Revisions

When we moved into our home on Capitol Hill, we knew that we would need to undertake significant remodeling, but we wanted to keep the historic character of the home. Keil Construction was the natural choice for this project, and we are thankful for Jeff’s expertise. His passion for historic homes shows in the attention to detail he provides to our project, and the quality of the work is unsurpassed. We would recommend Keil Construction without hesitation; his reputation as the best “old house guy” in Washington, D.C. is well deserved.

— Bowery, Whole House Revision

Keil Construction has years of experience working on old homes, and this was evident from our conversations and work with them. When there was a need for flooring to match our 100+ year-old wooden floorboards, they had it. When an exterior door needed replacement, Keil Construction suggested we remove the transom above it and install a taller door with a glass pane. They also suggested that we retain the look of old, patchy paint on a newly-exposed brick wall in our basement. Both of these suggestions were not something we would have considered on our own, but the taller door looks stunning, and the partially-painted exposed brick has so much character.

— Krantz-Kent, Kitchen + Basement

Our Keil-built basement is gorgeous! Jeff Keil and his many teams were super-professional and communicative and detail-oriented as they transformed our rowhouse. Jeff has a strong, big-picture design vision which was super helpful when we weren’t sure what to do. He also cares about the details as if it was his own home and doesn’t hesitate to tweak it until it’s right.

— Foss/Boorstein, Basement Renovation

“Keil Construction was recommended to me by a Capitol Hill architect who stated that he did good work at reasonable prices and, importantly, was familiar with old Hill houses and the unique problems they present.  My experience over three substantial projects confirmed these observations. […]   In each case we have been extremely pleased with the work. […]   It is hard to overstate the quality of the workmanship.  In every instance it has equaled or exceeded our expectations.”

— Koehler, Repeat Client

“We had an amazing experience with Jeff and team. From start to finish, the team was professional and proactive in managing and executing on our project. Jeff transformed our galley hill kitchen to a whole new open experience which included new everything and adding new flooring to our old flooring in a seamless fashion. Jeff knows these houses and gave us new ideas that enhanced the original design in so many ways. His team does amazing prep to ensure the project was minimally disruptive and were great at the back end on clean up. In addition, the team was very kind and professional. With that great experience, on a whim, we converted our laundry room into a bathroom/laundry room and we were equally happy with that project. We now have a truly functioning, beautiful and modern home on the hill.”

— D. Forte, Kitchen + Bath Renovation

Keil Construction has a wonderful design aesthetic. We love their use of old wood and architectural elements from other buildings to add charm to ours. We have an exposed brick wall and old wood built in cabinets that are all beautiful and unique.

— Reed, Basement Addition + Renovation

It was such a pleasure to work with Keil Construction on the Carriage House project. Even on the walk through they were coming up with visions of the finished project that neither the architect nor I had thought of. I appreciate their eye for detail and the commitment to retain the charm of a building built in 1881 while still bringing it into the 21st century with first-rate workmanship. I loved that we were able to use salvaged wood from the original building and that this wood that told a story became focal points. I would highly recommend Keil Construction to anyone with a project on Capitol Hill.

— Cone, Carriage House Revision

Keil Construction’s greatest asset is their experience with old row homes and how to creatively maximize space, bringing innovative ideas you just can’t come up with on your own. We collaborated with them, going beyond the architect’s original plan, to find useful and creative solutions for our home. We also appreciate the quality of Keil Construction’s work—the craftsmanship of the finished product is very high.

— Neuroth, Kitchen + Main Floor Renovation

Keil Construction has a fantastic team whose craftsmanship is incredible. In fact, we were so pleased with the team at Keil Construction that we asked for additional work on our home that we weren’t planning with the initial project. Their vision shows the deep experience with Capitol Hill row houses; the way he can see a space allows him to conceive of ideas that we could not puzzle out on our own. We also appreciated the (re)use of old doors and unique pieces from other projects that were pulled out of their warehouse to incorporate into our home, achieving a high-quality, authentic look in the finished product.

— C. Hunkins, Rear Addition + Kitchen + Main Floor

Custom Hearth

We have previously used Keil Construction to update both full bathrooms in our home with excellent results. Most recently we had Jeff and crew deliver two projects that transformed spaces in our home. On the lower level, he added a wall that created a private living space for our college aged son. On the main level, he totally remade a tired mantle and shelving with updated yet classic finishes. In typical fashion, Jeff was able to procure materials that made each project special. Over-sized 4 ft by 8 ft doors created a dramatic barn door wall downstairs. Upstairs, reclaimed over-sized trusses became floating shelves and a long abandoned fireplace surround has a new life. We highly and confidently recommend Keil Construction.

— P. Legere, Custom Pieces + LL Reconfiguration

We hired Jeff to rebuild a vestibule at our front door. Just like the last project with us, Jeff gave us design suggestions that made the project so much better, including, adding a bookshelf on the bay window side, and, worried about the lack of natural light, to leave the second opening without a door, to see if we really wanted a door later. He used the same period trim, and finished the opening just like the front door, so it looks original to the house. We are absolutely thrilled with the end result. After 20 years in this house, I can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner. 

— G. Arlotto, Vestibule Rebuild

My wife and I first used Keil Construction 18 years ago to remodel our master bedroom and bath and to install an oak floor in the master bedroom… just last month the company repaired and refinished our first floor oak flooring and removed cork flooring and installed new oak flooring. All has been made to look like an entirely new oak floor installation on the first floor of our Capitol Hill home. The quality of Keil Construction’s work is simply outstanding and their cost is reasonable—frequently the low bid. My wife and I have lived on Capitol Hill for 24 years. We have seen examples of Keil Construction’s work in other homes. It is always impressive.

— M. Malone, 3 Projects in 18 Years 


During our initial consultation, we strive to understand your vision and what you are trying to achieve: we take care to listen first to the client. We expand on that by explaining the nuances, various architectural elements of space and structure and the necessary environmental considerations including permit-ability to create the right design.

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