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Let us help you with something!

Let us help you with something!

When you live in an old house you know – there’s always SOMETHING that needs repair! As the old house experts since 1996, Keil Construction knows too, AND we know how to fix it.

Our talented team of craftsmen, plumbers, electricians, painters and drywall experts are available for smaller maintenance jobs around Capitol Hill. Have a leaky faucet? A door that doesn’t shut properly? Need to replace a ceiling fan? 

We can also diagnose less obvious problems and recommend the best possible solution.

Just submit a brief description of your needs using the Handyman Contact Form below, and we will follow up to provide a quote. 

FEE STRUCTURE: We charge a minimum fee for the visit up to 1 hour, plus materials and parts; a flat hourly rate is assessed thereafter.


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    Leaky faucet, running toilet, bathroom/sink hardware, (re)caulking, tile work, etc.
    Replace ceiling fan, repair outlet, repair light switches, install light fixtures, etc.
    Home Repairs
    Drywall, door hang, cabinets, drawers, etc.
    Wall Mounting
    Secure shelves to the wall, mount TV/speakers to walls, etc.
    Touch ups, or entire rooms.
    Add shelves, fix tables/chairs, refinish/refurbish furniture, replace or repair windows, etc.
    Repointing work on brick walls, pour concrete steps, repair broken concrete, etc.
    Replace or repair metal hand railings, gates, etc.
    Other Jobs
    Just ask! We've seen it all after more than 25 years working on 100+ year old homes on Capitol Hill. If we can't provide the service, we can find out who can.

    UPGRADE AND RE-USEEnhancing Your Home's Historic Architecture

    Our goal at Keil Construction is to truly emphasize the original architecture that historic homes throughout the area have to offer in the way of beauty. We implement that with “adaptive re-use” methods throughout our projects. This is the process of taking original elements within your home such as doors, ceramic door knobs, decorative radiators, wood elements and more found in old homes and create a look worth cherishing. We also maintain a warehouse of historic elements that we can bring into your home to complete the classic Hill look.

    Take a look at our portfolio of custom projects to get some ideas for your own home!


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