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Sustainable Building with Keil Construction

At Keil Construction, we value implementing sustainable practices with our construction, and are happy to work with clients on their specific requests. Every day, our team is accustomed to repurposing old elements when possible, or salvaging items for later use. 


Beyond that, here are some examples of how we work with clients on sustainable practices during a renovation:

Green Materials

  • Salvaging items for later use during demolition.
  • Using antique lumber, old beams, windows, cabinets, doors (plus associated hardware) and more from our warehouse of salvaged items.
  • Refurbishing existing installations versus replacing them (i.e. floors, stairwells, etc).
  • Specifying paint and insulation without harsh chemicals; choosing and installing energy efficient appliances, and more.

Home Envelope and Efficiency

  • Using green spray foam insulation, which removes harsh chemicals while adding top-notch insulation value to your home.
  • Choosing energy-efficient appliances and mechanicals in your home.
  • Converting gas to electric stoves, to more easily manage carbon footprint.
  • Installing high efficiency windows – for beauty and tight envelope.
  • Installing electric car charging stations.
  • Solar panel support, installation.

Managing Water Use and Run-Off

We help you return water back to the Earth quickly with the following methods:

  • Green roof options for homes, garages.
  • Installing semi-permeable pavers for patios and walkways.
  • Repurposing roof water to feed the garden with rain barrels from the downspout.
  • Suspended compost drums.

Also, ask us about LEED Certification in the building process, which could potentially help you qualify for Energy Credits.


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